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About ASI eLearning

This eLearning portal is an initiative of ASI to bring together in one location relevant curated high-quality learning material for all stakeholders involved in and/or servicing the Australian steel supply chain. We believe education is the best opportunity we have to support a highly effective and efficient supply chain who have a shared understanding of how best to support each other for the good of the community.
The ASI eLearning portal is one component of a suite of initiatives we provide to support education and training. When you have a moment, why not check out:

  • The ASI Steel Innovation Portal, which provides a platform for our industry to both share awareness of the incredible innovation that is happening every day and to connect innovators with talented researchers;
  • ASI digital and hardcopy books – we have recently initiated a project to bring all of our hardcopy books for sale into digital format;
  • The recently updated ASI website provides significant technical content. Look for the newly introduced ‘focus areas’ accessible from the main menu;

Using the ASI eLearning Portal

ASI Members and non-members alike are free to browse the ASI eLearning portal. Many of the courses have a ‘sample lesson’ that you are free to take. That lesson provides an introduction to the course and defines the scope of the course, allowing you to make an informed judgement as to whether you wish to take the course.

Users of the website may keyword search to display all relevant courses. We have also categorised courses for major stakeholder groups. These categories will be expanded as we add more content.

Once you decide on a course to take, you will need to be registered on the website in order to take the course. See below for details of registration.

The ASI eLearning Portal has been set up as a separate website to the main ASI website. However, the ASI eLearning Portal and ASI website are integrated to the extent that a common ‘single sign-on’ (SSO) registration process allows users to have eLearning outcomes recorded in the users ‘digital dashboard’ on the ASI website, which is also the main access point from which users can manage their access to courses, download completion certificates and view course notes and support material.


To purchase and/or take courses on the ASI website, you need to be registered on the website.

Each user must register and create an individual account. The registration information allows us to deliver the course to the appropriate stakeholder and manage billing, access and ongoing communication of updates and the like.

There are two options for registration:

  • If you are already an ASI member or registered user you can login using your ASI website login by clicking login on the top right of the eLearning portal.  After you login on the Single Sign-on screen, you will be redirected back to the eLearning site.
  • If you are not an ASI member or registered user you may register by following the login/register link on the top right of the eLearning portal. After you register on the Single Sign-on screen, you will be redirected back to the eLearning site.

Recommended registration process

Course Types, Course Notes and Supporting Material

ASI offers a range of course types, including:

  • Full courses: These may range from 2 to 6 hours and are structured as a number of lessons covering different but related focus areas. Each lesson is usually a duration of around 20 minutes maximum, with each followed by a knowledge check (one or more quizzes).
  • Modules: range from 20 min to 60 min duration and comprise one or more lessons.
  • Tech Bytes: short sessions up to approximately 20 min duration, designed to cover a very specific technical issue. Tech bytes are usually followed by a knowledge check.

These different course types will be rolled out progressively over the coming months.

For many of our courses, course notes are available for viewing and/or printing. Course notes are typically created from the powerpoint presentation pack developed by the presenter. Once you have registered for the course, these course notes will become available for access from your dashboard on the ASI website whenever you log in as a member or guest.

Course notes are viewed via an integrated online viewer technology when you open the course notes from your dashboard. You may also print the course notes if you wish to have a hard copy available whilst you are undertaking the course, perhaps to take notes.

As well as course notes, some courses may include other supporting material referenced during the course. This supporting material will be available either for direct download from the course itself or via your dashboard on the ASI website.

Discounts and Special Offers

From time to time ASI may make special offers and/or provide discounts on course purchase. These discounts are enabled via the use of ‘coupon codes’, which can be applied in your shopping cart prior to purchase. ASI will provide you with the necessary coupon code at the appropriate time.

Viewing Videos

Although the video segments included in ASI eLearning courses are usually presented within a frame in the course page, they are typically enabled to be viewed full screen. However, due to the range of different browsers, operating systems and device screen sizes, the method to enable full screen viewing can vary:

  • Usually there should be an icon at the lower right side of the video widow which enables full screen viewing
  • If no icon is present, double clicking on the video may open it in full screen mode
  • Some browsers may present a tab on the right hand side of the video window which will pop out the video in a separate window, which can then be resized as required

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