ASI Induction to Steel Series

Induction to Steel: Course Overview

The steel supply chain is as long as it is varied. It encompasses a whole host of stakeholders, from the manufacturing mills right through to end users in building and construction, heavy engineering and manufacturing.

Designed to provide an overview of the industry and the employee’s role in steel, these simple, easy-to-use courses cater for everyone from factory floor and administration employees to detailers, and engineering graduates. It is designed to provide an overview of the steel industry, giving context to an employee’s role, responsibilities, and interaction with other members of the steel supply chain.

There are three options available in our series of ‘Induction to Steel’ courses. Simply pick the option that best suits you or your employee’s needs to discover more about the Australian steel supply chain.

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Basics (1 hour 30 minutes)

A standalone module, this is the shortest and most basic of the three Induction to Steel Courses. It provides a very general overview of the steel supply chain.

Fundamentals (3 hours 52 minutes)

This course covers everything in the module above in more detail, plus more. It is also a pre-requisite to the Extended course.

Fundamentals Extended (6 hours 14 minutes)

Offered together with the Fundamentals course as a package, this is the most in-depth and technical of all three Induction to Steel courses.

Extended Version only *

*This course is not visible and will only become visible after you have completed the Fundamentals Course. The Fundamentals Course completion is a pre-requisite to accessing this course.

This is designed for learners who initially did the Fundamentals, but then at a latter stage, realised they needed the whole suite of modules. Completing the Fundamentals course and this Extended course is equivalent to the Fundamentals Extended package.

Course Objectives

By the end of these course(s), and depending on the modules you take, you will:

  • Understand how steel is made, from preparation of raw materials through reduction and refining to shaping into the final steel product
  • Understand the different types of steel products and their uses
  • Be aware of the range of post-processing available to create the structural steel products we utilise every day
  • Appreciate and identify the quality needed to ensure our products are fit-for-purpose and risk minimised
  • Importantly, understand the steel supply chain and where you fit into it
  • Be aware of the regulatory requirements imposed by Workplace Health and Safety and the National Construction Code