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This course explores aspects of AS 4100 ‘Steel Structures’ that go beyond the usual design equations but rather consider a range of associated perspectives, bringing in responsibility of stakeholders, the procurement environment, compliance, legal perspectives, workplace health and safety and Standards.

The course provides important context to designers and other stakeholders as to the current design, procurement and construction environments, how they work together and, in some cases, how they do not work together well. As such, the information presented affects not only designers, but also procurers, importers, fabricators, manufacturers, distributors and constructors.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • History and players in the game (the divergence of ‘distance’ from the designer to the constructor)
  • Get off my patch (who should be doing something?)
  • Design Standards (what do they cover and what happens when they don’t cover the circumstances?)
  • Materials and fabrication Standards (relationship to design; who makes the call when changes occur)
  • Legal responsibility (who’s is it?)
  • How do we make this all work? (bringing it all together)
  • Compliance and structural steelwork

For more detail, view the Introductory lesson below, which is a free sample.

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Course IDE-20
Course Duration3 hours 30 mins (excl. quiz time)
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary MaterialCourse notes based on presentation

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