Compliance and High Strength Bolts – Changes in the Revision of AS/NZS1252:2016

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Course Content

This course discusses the recent changes in the revision of AS/NZS1252:2016 and, in particular, provides a focus on the importance of implementing compliance to the performance requirements and principles of the Standard. The knowledge imparted by this course is particularly important for those needing to make decisions on high strength bolt procurement in a very challenging international procurement environment.

Course Outline

  • Background to the revision of AS/NZS 1252
  • Deficiencies and risks of previous version of AS/NZS 1252
  • Overarching principles of the new revision
  • What has changed in AS/NZS 1252:2016?
  • Product conformity – CE marking
  • How to ensure a risk minimised environment?
  • Chain of responsibility and duty of care

For more detail, view the Introductory lesson below, which is a free sample.

Course IDE-18
Course Duration1 hour 50 mins (excl. quiz time)
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary Material Course notes based on presentation

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