The Direct Strength Method of Analysis of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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Course Content

This course explores the direct strength method of analysis for cold-formed steel structures, with specific application to AS/NZS 4600. The direct strength method, or DSM for short, is a relatively recent and powerful addition to the range of options available for detailed analysis and design of light gauge cold-formed steel members and structures. Specifically we will be considering the basic principles and advantages of DSM, the theoretical basis, software application, design examples and new developments in DSM and changes in AS/NZS 4600.

This presentation is a must for design practitioners and stakeholders involved in the light gauge cold-formed steel supply chain. Particular emphasis is placed on product development utilising DSM and the background and basis for changes coming to AS/NZS 4600. In the current procurement environment, expertise in delivering economical solutions through advanced analysis can help secure projects and differentiate in a competitive market.

Course Outline

  • Introduction – basic principles and advantages of DSM
  • The Finite Strip Method (FSM) of elastic buckling analysis
  • Direct Strength Method design – columns and beams
  • FSM buckling with THINWALL 2 software
  • Design examples
  • Product development via section optimisation
  • Design by rational analysis
  • New developments in DSM and upcoming changes in AS/NZS 4600
  • References and resources
  • THINWALL 2 software demonstration

For more detail, view the Introductory lesson below, which is a free sample.

Course IDE-13
Course Duration3 hours 30 mins (excl. quiz time)
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary Material Course notes based on presentation

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