Fatigue Design of Steel Structures

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Fatigue of steel members and connections can lead to damage to structures and potentially catastrophic failure. Fatigue failure can often be hidden from view and needs careful attention both in the design stage and fabrication stage to avoid issues. Whether it is in the mining or commercial building sectors, fatigue plays a part. For example, it has been stated that more than 75 percent of failures in welded components are due to fatigue. 

This course aims to provide attendees with an understanding of basis of fatigue analysis to AS 4100 and introduce other international design codes where the geometry is outside its scope. It is therefore a must-take course for structural engineers, mechanical engineers, forensic engineers and welding engineers.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • What is fatigue?
  • Factors influencing fatigue resistance
  • Low, high and very high cycle fatigue and the endurance limit
  • Loading types
  • Fatigue design via detail categories
  • Other fatigue design methods
  • Methods to improve fatigue resistance

For more detail, view the Introductory lesson below, which is a free sample.

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Course IDE-22
Course Duration3 hours 15 mins (excl. quiz time)
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary Material Course notes based on presentation

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