Introduction to the Direct Strength Method of Analysis

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This course explores the Direct Strength Method of Analysis, which is increasingly becoming the method of choice for the analysis of light gauge cold-formed steel members, as one might find in applications such as residential and commercial buildings, portal frame buildings and storage racks. We will be looking at the historical development of the method, the theoretical basis, consider the context around current application and use, and provide a snapshot into future application areas.

The presentation is intended to provide an introduction to the DSM approach for engineers and those involved in the development and manufacture of light gauge cold-formed steel profiles. The presentation is particularly useful to understand the context of the recent introduction of the direct strength method in AS/NZS 4600.

Course Outline

  • Background to cold-formed steel application
  • Historical perspective on cold-formed steel design
  • The finite strip method
  • Historical development of the direct strength method (DSM)
  • Advanced application of DSM (member optimisation, members with holes, torsion, sheathed members, fire, beam-columns)

For more detail, view the Introductory lesson below, which is a free sample.

Course IDE-10
Course Duration1 hour 20 mins (excl. quiz time)
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary Material Course notes based on presentation

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