Knowledge Series Module 7 – Steel Quality and Compliance

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Knowledge Series Module 7 -Steel Quality and Compliance

The steel supply chain is as long as it is varied. It encompasses a whole host of stakeholders, from the manufacturing mills right through to end users in building and construction, heavy engineering and manufacturing.

This course is perfect for anyone who works in the Australian steel supply chain, whether you’re an architect, an engineering graduate or a marketing manager. It is designed to provide an overview of the steel industry, giving context to your role, responsibilities, and interaction with other members of the steel supply chain.

There are three options available in our series of ‘Induction to Steel’ courses that can be found here. Otherwise, if you cannot decide or would like a taste-test or only need specific topics to supplement your knowledge, we have separate the modules out so you can get an idea of what the modules about.

Module 7 -Steel Quality and Compliance: Course Outline

  • “With great power comes great responsibility”
  • What do we mean by ‘quality’?
  • The current procurement environment and observed non-compliance
  • The regulatory environment and duty of care
  • Tools developed by ASI to support improved compliance outcomes
  • The responsibilities of the supply chain
Course IDE-036k
Total Course Duration75 minutes
Passing Grade100%
Supplementary MaterialsCourse notes based on presentation (included)
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