Structural Steelwork Compliance – Tools to Minimise Risk (free)

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This course focuses on the current risk environment for engineers by providing examples of real-world non-compliances before then considering the cost dimensions of structural failures.

The course considers the regulatory risk environment for engineers, cascading down from Workplace Health and Safety and the National Construction Code to the contractual requirements engineers must manage. It also provides a context on how engineers can minimise these risks by adopting available tools and solutions.

Towards the end of this course, a current update is provided outlining the 2020 revision to AS 4100 and amendment to AS/NZS 5131. It is important that all stakeholders understand these significant changes and the benefits they bring for improved compliance outcomes.

Course Outline

  • Minimising risk in design and procurement outcomes
  • Current risk environment for engineers
  • Cost dimensions of structural failure
  • Regulatory risk environment
  • Minimise risk by adopting available tools and solutions
  • Changes to AS 4100
  • Changes to the risk matrix and construction specification
  • Changes to AS/NZS 5131
  • Traceability
  • Mandated AS/NZS ISO 3834
  • Certification to AS/NZS 5131
  • ASI awareness and forward plans
Course IDE-30
Course Duration1 hour 30 mins (excl. quiz time)
Supplementary MaterialCourse notes based on presentation

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