Frequently Asked Questions

Does my eLearning course accrue CPD points?

We provide an indication of course duration (exclusive of quiz time) as part of the course information, and that information is also included on the Completion Certificate that you can download from your digital locker on the ASI website. It is your responsibility to use this information in the appropriate manner to secure Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points according to the requirements of the particular profession or industry concerned.

How long will my purchased courses remain accessible?

Any courses you have purchased will remain available for a period of 31 days from the time of purchase. We will send you a reminder close to the end of this period. See our Terms & Conditions for further information.

How frequently are new courses added to the available list?

Initially, we expect to be adding a new course every week or two for the next few months after opening the site. These engineering courses will be followed by courses for other stakeholder groups, with timing demand driven. So we encourage the community to submit requests for new courses!

Will ASI still be running the traditional classroom lecture style seminars in future?

Yes, we plan to run our traditional face-to-face seminars in the short to medium term. Longer term, we will assess demand and, if appropriate, look to focus on more specialised seminars and/or international speakers.

How can I get my eLearning questions answered?

If you have any questions about the eLearning site functionality, requests for courses etc, please contact us via the contact details indicated on the website. We do plan to implement forum functionality shortly for technical queries and feedback.

Can other people in my office access the ASI eLearning courses using my login and dashboard?

Your login and password are individual and intended for your use only. eLearning courses are also registered for your personal use. Use by others is not permitted under our Terms & Conditions.

Can an office administrator or assistant look after my registration and course payment?

Yes, office administrator are able to enroll employees via the Multi-User Purchase Button. Enter the number of seats you wish to purchase and add the email address of the intended participants in the course, as this email address will be associated with course access. Follow the prompts to payment and complete the purchase. Participants who are registered for the course will receive an email of their enrolment and how to register/login and access the course.

If I get part way through a course and am unable to complete it for any reason, what should I do?

If there are extenuating circumstances where you cannot complete the course within the timeframe indicated, please contact us for further instructions.

How do I access the course notes that accompany my eLearning course?

Course notes and any other documentation indicated as associated with the course will be available from your ‘digital locker’ on your dashboard on the ASI website. See ‘About eLearning‘ for further information.

How do I purchase a course for myself?

When you select a course (or courses) for purchase select Single-User Purchase Button, it will be transferred to your ‘Shopping Cart’, accessible from the icon at the top right of the website. When you are ready to finalise your purchase, access the shopping cart and fill out the payment details in the conventional manner.
After you purchase the course, an icon to access the course will be available in your ‘digital locker’ on your dashboard on the ASI website. Course notes and any other associated material will also be available from this location.

How do I use a ‘discount coupon’?

From time to time ASI might offer discounts or special deals. These are enabled through the use of a ‘discount coupon’ code that will be provided to you.
After you select a course (or courses) for purchase, you will be able to apply the discount coupon as part of the payment process in your ‘shopping cart’.

I have lost my password. What do I do?

If you have lost your password, there is a link on the login screen that will email you a notification of how to re-instate a password.

How do I find my online learning record?

A record of all your interaction with ASI is maintained in your ‘dashboard’ on the ASI website. Every member and registered guest is provided a dashboard. eLearning interactions (course purchases, course notes and completion certificates) are all stored in your dashboard.

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