Terms & Conditions

eLearning Terms and Conditions

By purchasing items from the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) eLearning website learn.steel.org.au (the Website), you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1        Member Benefit

All financial Members of ASI are entitled to receive special member prices on their eLearning purchases. Members must be logged in to automatically receive Member discounted prices. Staff of ASI corporate members are entitled to buy ASI eLearning products at Member prices using their member contact login and their company email address.

ASI individual Members are entitled to buy one copy of each ASI eLearning at the Member price. Individual membership is not transferable.

Refunds will not be made to ASI Members who purchase items at full price while not logged in on our Website.

2        Pricing and Payment

2.1      Pricing

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars exclusive of GST.

Prices may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Availability may be subject to change.

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card: Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Payment is taken at the point the order and processed by our secure online payment system.
  • For payments by EFT, cheque or money order – see 8. Contact below.
  • Invoice option coming soon. Please email accounts@steel.org.au – see 8. Contact below.
  • Cheque/Money Order: Drawn in Australian dollars on an Australian bank, made out to ‘Australian Steel Institute Ltd’ including any bank charges and mailed with the printed order. All bank charges and fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Orders will not be processed until payment in full is received.

3        Service Delivery

3.1      eLearning Courses

Delivery eLearning courses are made available via the viewing technology on the Website. These courses may include course notes and supplementary material, as noted for each course (refer below for further details).

Ownership of the goods is transferred to the purchaser once goods are paid for.

Course expiration Courses will be available to complete for a period of 1 month from date of purchase, unless otherwise indicated on the details for each course. The purchaser will be provided an email notification two weeks prior to course expiration.

3.2      Course Notes

Course Notes may be provided to complement the online delivery of the course material. These notes may typically comprise the material presented visually during the course.

Course Notes are provided for online viewing via the ASI digital viewer technology, and accessible from the purchasers dashboard on the ASI website (www.steel.org.au) after the purchaser logs in. All purchasers, whether member or non-member, are provided with a registered account on the ASI website.

Course Notes provided in digital format are subject to the ASI Digital Licence Agreement. Please see Appendix 1 Digital Licence Agreement. Once delivered, digital publications are not refundable.

Access to Course Notes continues after the course has been completed or the course expires.

3.3      Supplementary Material

In some cases, courses include Supplementary Material. This material may be sent to the purchaser via email or made accessible to the purchaser via the purchasers dashboard on the ASI website.

4        Availability

ASI eLearning products are available to both ASI members and non-members. International orders are also accepted.

5        Cancellation and Refund

Purchasers may not cancel their order except under exceptional circumstances and then only before the course has been commenced. Email to accounts@steel.org.au to apply for a cancellation and refund.

When a purchaser is entitled to a refund under these Terms and Conditions, the refund will be made as soon as possible after the cancellation is received, but in any event within 30 days. Refunds will be made to the original payer and by the same payment method as the original payment.

6        Special Offers and Discounts

Australian Steel Institute will from time to time make promotional or discount offers. Where customers are responding to a promotional offer or discount, a discount code may be required (entered during the checkout process). Generally, unless specified, only one discount/promotional code is allowed per order or per customer. The Australian Steel Institute reserves the right to withdraw or change promotional offers and discounts at any time and refuse any application.

7        Disclaimer

The information presented by the Australian Steel Institute in our courses and publications has been prepared for general information only and does not in any way constitute recommendations or professional advice. While every effort has been made and all reasonable care taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, this information should not be used or relied upon for any specific application without investigation and verification as to its accuracy, suitability and applicability by a competent professional person in this regard. The Australian Steel Institute, its officers and employees and the authors, editors and presenters of the courses and publications do not give any warranties or make any representations in relation to the information provided herein and to the extent permitted by law (a) will not be held liable or responsible in any way; and (b) expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage costs or expenses incurred in connection with this publication by any person, whether that person is the purchaser of this publication or not. Without limitation, this includes loss, damage, costs and expenses incurred as a result of the negligence of the authors, editors or presenters.

The information in the courses or publications should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent due diligence, professional or legal advice and in this regards the services of a competent professional person or persons should be sought.

8        Contact

Any account queries should be raised with the Australian Steel Institute on +61 2 8748 0191 or email accounts@steel.org.au.

Australian Steel Institute

Suite 5, Level 3, Building 3, Pymble Corporate Centre

20 Bridge Street

Pymble, NSW 2073, Australia


+61 (0)2 8748 0180

Date of publication: 27 March 2020

APPENDIX 1: Digital Licence Agreement – Courseware

This is an agreement between the end user of the product (‘Licensee’) and Australian Steel Institute Limited, Level 3, Building 3, Pymble Corporate Centre, 20 Bridge Street, Pymble NSW 2073 Australia, ABN 94 000 973 839.

1.         Definitions

  • ASI means Australian Steel Institute.
  • Concurrent User Licence means the right of any one person within a Licensee organisation and who is registered on the ASI website to access and use the Product at any one time. More than one licence may be purchased by that organisation and concurrent access is limited to the number of Licences purchased.
  • Dashboard means the web-page on the ASI website where a Licensee may access his/her eBooks.
  • eBook means a digital publication accessible via a specific type of reader other than a PDF reader.
  • eLearning Course means a course presented on and accessed via the ASI eLearning website learn.steel.org.au
  • Internal Use means use of the Product within the Licensee’s organisation.
  • Licence means the right to access and use the Product.
  • Licensee means the purchaser and/or user/s of the Product.
  • Product means the eLearning course, course notes and supplementary material associated with the course.
  • Single User means one designated person only, entitled to access the Product via his/her personal login either on the ASI eLearning website or via the Dashboard of the purchaser on the ASI website.
  • Subscription means a set number of Single User Licences purchased for a course or collection of courses for a set period of time.

2.         Product Availability

The Product is ordered via the Internet through the use of a web browser.

Products are delivered to the Dashboard of the purchaser on the ASI website

Where a Single User Licensed course has been purchased, it may only be accessed by the purchaser on his/her Dashboard.

Where a course Subscription is purchased, the course or set of courses covered by the Subscription are delivered to the Dashboard of the person who purchased it. This person is deemed the organisation’s contact for the Subscription. This organisation contact may, via his/her Dashboard, add any number of members of his/her organisation to gain access to the Subscription. The courses are then accessible to each organisation member via his/her own personal Dashboard. The number of people within the organisation who may access the Product at any one time is not limited, but each person can only take any course once only.

3.         Licence Agreement

3.1.     By using the Product, the Licensee agrees to be bound by the Licence Agreement for the Product.

3.2.     The Licensee is granted a non-exclusive and non-assignable Licence to use the Product.

3.3.     Licensees are permitted to use the Product to the following extent:

3.3.1. The Course:  Purchasers of Single User Licences for the course shall only complete the course once. Purchasers shall view the course on their own personal device and shall not knowingly cause the course to be displayed to other than the purchaser.

The purchaser of a Single User licensed course undertakes to keep his/her login secret and not to share it with anyone else. Should it become evident that a person/s other than the Licensee is gaining access to the course, ASI reserves the right to cancel the Single User Licence.

The Licensee is responsible for informing ASI of a change in email address.

3.3.2 Course Notes:  Purchasers of Single User Licences for the course may view the course notes via the Dashboard of the purchaser on the ASI website. Licensees are permitted to print once for personal use and to store one electronic version of the publication for backup purposes only. Licensees are not permitted to distribute the publication to others or store, distribute or use the publication on a network.

For reproduction of the course notes or portions thereof, and for which are outside the circumstances included in this agreement, permission must be sought in writing from the Library and Information Manager, ASI at bookshop@steel.org.au.

3.3.3 Subscriptions:  Organisation members who have access to the Subscription are deemed to be Licensees. Subscriptions are for Internal Use only. Purchasers of Subscriptions and members of their organisation may access their courses via their personal login registered on the ASI website.

The Licensee is responsible for informing ASI of a change in email address.

3.4.     The Product does not include an updating service. ASI will endeavour to inform Licensees of updates via our usual awareness channels.

3.5.     It is expressly agreed that ASI and its nominated authors retain all title to the intellectual property contained in their respective Product or that ASI is an authorised distributor of the intellectual property. Licensees shall not challenge or call into question ownership of intellectual property rights relating to the Product. ASI reserves the right to refuse a courseware sale if there is reason to believe its intellectual property rights are being or will be abused.

3.6.     The Product is subject to copyright. Copying is neither enabled nor permitted. Unauthorised copying of the Product and any modification of or merger with other software or documents is forbidden. However, the Licensee may use the Product to obtain information contained therein for their own personal use only but shall not otherwise use, modify, copy, adapt, supply, transmit, send by e-mail, reproduce, or do any other thing in relation to, the Product. The Product may not be copied or circulated electronically, including by electronic mail, even for personal use.

3.7.     The Licensee shall not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on the Product.

3.8.     For single user licences, the Product is licensed only to the Licensee. Under no circumstances may the Product be transferred by the Licensee to any other party without the prior written consent of ASI. Under no circumstances is the Licensee permitted to reproduce material from the Product for external use or for use on any other site or group of sites.

3.9.     This Licence will terminate automatically and without notice if the Licensee fails to comply with any provision of the Licence. On termination of the Licence, the Licensee agrees to destroy all copies of the Product.

3.10.  The Licensee acknowledges that no promise, representation, warranty or undertaking (other than any contained in this agreement) has been given by ASI or any person or company on its behalf in relation to the profitability of or any other consequences or benefits to be obtained from the use of the Product and the Licensee relies wholly upon his own skill and judgment in deciding to use the Product.

3.11.  ASI shall not be liable to the Licensee or any other person in respect of any loss or damage, however caused, which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect to the Product.

3.12.  No warranty is made by any party connected with this Product, express or implied, with regard to the quality, utility or accuracy of the Product and no liability will be accepted for any damage, direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the use of the Product.

This agreement is governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Date of publication: 17 March 2020

Australian Steel Institute

Suite 5, Level 3, Building 3, Pymble Corporate Centre

20 Bridge Street

Pymble, NSW 2073, Australia


+61 (0)2 8748 0180